thoughts of 09 Nationals

Bridget Sloan showed a rock solid performance at Nationals this year. Her DTY is looking better and better from the Olympics, her bars are nice (although if she would point her damn toes on her Tkatchev I would be quite pleased). Beam is solid. Floor is delightful–her mount is really incredible, and when she stuck her double pike dismount stone cold–beautiful. She really deserved that gold.
Ivana Hong is looking much, much better after switch to WOGA. I still think she may be forever doomed to be a bubble girl, but I like her style. Very graceful.
Nastia’s beam is…eh. I’m not super impressed. Wish she would compete ub.
Kytra Hunter has INCREDIBLE tumbling but must learn to control her damn landings. She’s just got too much energy. Great form though.
Sam Pezsek’s beam! She is quickly turning into one of my favorite bb workers. She is SO solid and consistent. Really looking good.
Worlds is going to be interesting. If I were Marta I would a. not break everyone and b.
think about this for Worlds:
AA: Sloan, Bross I know Bross fell apart at Nats a bit…but she is good when she hits. Really, really good. And I think she could hit at Worlds.
FX/VT: Hunter or Williams. I can’t imagine Marta would take Williams as she comes from an unknown gym and is not politically connected. Hunter has FANTASTIC tumbling and decent vault .
I dont know what to do about ub/bb. I’d like to see Pezsek go for beam, but she isn’t doing bars right now…hrmm.
I wish Hunter had decent bars so she could do that.
We’ll see. It should be a really interesting Worlds!


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