The Great Lumbar Puncture

So I’ve had headaches–bad ones–for years, and since I am a Tiny Bit Paranoid I generally tend to assume I have a brain tumor. I do not, although a recent MRI did show a spot (A SPOT I TELL YOU) that is probably a scar from falling on my head as a kid, or my nerves being sick of dealing with headaches.
However, I also occasionally get blurry vision. It isnt bad but it does happen. Every single time I see my neurologist she says “hows the vision? Because we really need to consider a lumbar puncture…”
And I say, hell no.
But finally she wore me down and today I had the damn thing.
It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Of course I doubled up on the anxiety drugs, which helped! The shot of Novocaine was painful but not terrible–I was lying on my stomach and could see an x-ray of the my spine and where the needle was, which was kind of cool. The weirdest part was definitely feeling this constant pressure as the needle went further into my back. Twice it hit a nerve and I felt this shock in my leg–weird! Not painful, just…weird. And to drip the fluid out (it apparently drips verrrry slowwwlllly) they had me almost vertical on the table, which titled in all sorts of odd ways. I felt a bit ill, but once they got me off the table (“the needle is really out?” I asked) I was fine. My dad of course immediately started make death panel jokes and then fucking with my stretcher, which was highly amusing.
So altogether–not terrible. Not fun, but not terrible. And I have strict orders to STAY IN BED for the rest of the day, so thats…not bad, especially given that school starts tomorrow (EEK!)


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