Boredom, You Slay Me

Things I have done today:
Woken up.
Assessed headache. Noted that headache did not seem as incredibly horrible as yesterday, when it started at 10 am and did not cease. (Sibley radiologist: “you’re driving? to a meeting? LIE DOWN YOU FUCKING IDIOT.)
Made my dad bring me a muffin.
Called my Friday clients to cancel.
Gone back to sleep.
Called my analyst to cancel.
Emailed around and made a phone call about teacher recruitment.
Watched the season finale of The Closer.
Remembered how really wonderful it was yesterday to see my kids! I missed them. And now, also, they are all big. AG and CE, both of whom I’ve known since they were around 15 months, are in KINDERGARTEN. SB is 6 now and a big first grader who luckily will still sit in my lap. And! NJ! I have known this child since birth and he was SIX yesterday.
So despite the incredible headache I loved taking SB and AB, my official Thursday kids, to the park. CE asked to tag along because she LOVES hanging out with her boys, and of course she did. And I was just so very happy to be back in the swing of things.
Then I read some of Heart of Darkness, which I understand will be assigned at some point for my Critical Writing class.
Then I read some Fred Vargas because I love Fred Vargas and Chief Inspector Adamsburg.
Then my analyst called and we talked for awhile. She pointed out that if I hadn’t overdone it the first time perhaps I wouldn’t be lying flat. I groaned.
Then I took a nap.
Then I read some more.
Also in there I talked to Ashley twice, which was exciting. And I logged onto Facebook 8628 times. And I stalked people on g-chat.
And I really, really hope that I am ALL BETTER when I wake up tomorrow.


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