WARNING: this post will be all about The Whine

And yes, I would like some cheese. Ahahahaha. So fucking funny.
So I have this problem. My fucking back hurts a lot because–I *think*–because I lifted weights the day after my LP (stupid, I know. I know.) I think I pulled a muscle. Or 6. So I cant really lie flat on my back because that hurts my back. Sitting up hurts my head.
I must announce that I am quite nervous about tomorrow. I need to not miss another day of classes, because I ALREADY DID. Grr.
Very nervous.
In the meantime, watching Sloan kicking ass again at Nats.
Cannot focus on a book.
Well, I could if I could FIND THE DAMN BOOK I WAS READING.
Not that I am grumpy or anything.
Oh, Jana Bieger. You just…you just cannot catch a break. And, well, you need a new coach.
That would help.
Poor Becca Bross.
WTF happened to Payson’s sister Becca on MIOBI, btw? Did they sell her into white slavery?
I love Sam P’s beam.
fuck. my head really hurts.


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