Tuesday Boys

Tuesday afternoons put me in a really fabulous mood. I have AG, who is 5, NJ, 6, and SB, also 6. All three boys had their birthdays over the summer. So I get the boys from school and it is so hard to believe that they are ALL GROWN UP! NJ and SB are in FIRST GRADE. Do you people understand this? first grade. HUGE. and AG is a kindergartner. It’s crazy.
But the boys are so lovely. They are funny and smart and…funny. LORD, are they funny. THey are so exuberant, and they come bounding out of the school doors, and race into the car, and discuss who gets what seat, and demand to listen to certain music (“I want brush your teeth song! I want All Star!”) and then we get to the pool and they barrel out and they can hardly contain their excitement as they change. NJ informs as all that to get changed one must first remove ones shirt, because its not all the way naked. Then they bounce into their suits and race out by the pool.
I brought cupcakes because it was NJ’s birthday last week and I am a nice like that. SO we had some cupcakes and NJ opened his present. And then we went swimming. and all of a sudden, they can ALL SWIM. NJ and and SB still prefer the security of their floaties, but AG just bobs around. And they are so big and brave. And it makes me crazy proud.
And they cling onto me like tiny monkeys in the middle of the water and tell me things and speak over each other and they all have VERY IMPORTANT THINGS TO SAY.
and it is just delightful.
and then I herd them into the dressing room and everyone strips back down, and NJ gets dressed fast and then gives the other boys endless shit for not being dressed. “I’m already on my SHOES” he said proudly, and “you are NAKED.”
So anyway. Delightful boys. Happy, cheerful, funny boys. Just pure pleasure.

In other news, tomorrow I am getting a blood patch will apparently stop my headaches. That would be fucking great. My head has been hurting for a week and I am TIRED OF IT.
So. The Tuesday Boys were a nice break from the head pain. Hate head pain.


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