Of Blood Patches and Backdrops

So! Yesterday at 8 am I went back to Sibley, because I haven’t been there enough. You know how it is. And they stuck an IV in me, rolled me onto my stomach, stuck some lidocane in my back, and then took blood from the IV and stuck in my back, via a LARGE needle. really quite big.
Now, I’ve had a headache for a solid week, the kind that feels like hammer meets skull every fucking time I was not lying flat. So NOT having a headache was a very big fucking deal.
So I went to analysis and then to class and during history my back definitely hurt. A lot. During bio it hurt so much that I ended up limping out and calling Sibley. The doctor said, “how much Tylenol have you taken?” and I said six, and he said, take some Advil or Aleve. I went to the student medical center (didn’t even know we had such a thing!) and said, and I quote, “I had a post lumbar puncture blood patch this morning and I just spoke to the doctor and he says I need some Aleve or Advil RIGHT NOW.”
They gave me some Motrin. It helped. I didnt do much bio lab because I dropped the course last year after a few weeks so I already had the lab. I went to English which I think might actually be good–and then I went to OWL parent orientation and my back was OK.
So. There’s that. The blood patch helped. I have taken 4 Aleve today but no pain.
That’s all gonna change tomorrow though, because tonight I had my first adult tumbling and trampoline class. My body, thankfully, remembers how to do cartwheels and handstands and seat drops-handknees-flip on the tramp–but the conditioning was rough, and at one point I did something on the tramp and ended up half on, half off, on my belly.
I hear I will be in a lot of pain tomorrow. But! It was totally worth it. And lots of fun!


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