And then there were nine

“Depending on how this year goes, I would love to stay Elite and go to another Olympics,” Peszek told Inside in August. “Going to an Olympics is a once in a lifetime experience and to go twice would be over the top. It was an amazing thing and I would love to prove myself to make it again but I am planning, as of right now, to go to college on time and whether I chose to do both or just pick one or the other I haven’t decided completely yet.”
Sam is out of Worlds selection.
I am actually more bummed about this then I was about Nastia, because Nastia was clearly not ready whereas Sam had a rock solid, kick ass beam routine. I LOVE her bb. I would have really liked to see it on the World stage.
I do think she is making the right choice–competing with a torn labrum can’t be fun and it makes sense for her to get surgery now and be in really good shape to start at UCLA. She really has the makings of one of the greatest college gymnasts ever. Doubt she can beat Kupets but…she is a solid, solid gymnast.
This changes things for Worlds. Bross and Sloan remain virtual locks, but this leaves beam more open. Could go to Hong, who does have a lovely bb and decent ub (beautiful form, horrible amplitude). I still think Hunter is fairly likely because her fx is so good, but she needs to fix her landings. Kayla Williams is possible for fx/vt…if she cleans up her dance, learns to land, fixes her form, and has two GOOD vaults, not a DTY, which everyone has.


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