The Kids Are Alright

So we’re walking home from the park after a couple hours of playing. AG and CE, who are both 5, are there, and so is SB, who is 6, and NJ, also 6.
We’re strolling along and SB is talking to me about how he looked at maps that day in school. Then he says “And on 9/11, we learned about 9/11.”
Me: Oh yeah? Tell me about what you learned.
SB: Two planes flew into buildings!
Me: Uh-huh. Did you learn about why the planes flew into the buildings?
AG: Because the pilots got confused!
SB: NO! Because the bad guys made the pilots fly into the buildings.
CE: HEY! I heard about this story before!
It’s odd to think they were not even born at such a pivotal time. It must seem as historical to them as Columbus sailing the ocean blue (Lord, I wish they’d stop talking about Columbus. He was kind of a jerk).

I had a lovely birthday party with the kids, including T and F, who I watched over the summer a few times, and T came to Camp Steck. Also there were two kids who I’ve known forever–the older one, A, I think I’ve known since he was about 9 months. He’s 11 now. And taller than me.
We all swam. NJ, using his usual Marcel Marcel m.o., sent me into the pool with him. AG showed me how he can jump into the water and come up sputtering and laughing. SB spent quite awhile bouncing across the bottom of the pool!


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