Wake Me Up When September Ends

Just a quick rundown of the month, Steck family medical wise.
At the beginning of the month (OK, so in August) I have the Epic Lumbar Puncture That Really Fucking Sucks because it causes extreme pain for over a week. Then I have the Even More Epic Blood Patch that is just kinda gross, because shooting blood from my arm into my back? Gross.
Then my sister falls off her bike and hurts her wrist and has to be taken to the ER in an ambulance.
Then I find a nodule near my breast and have to have an ultrasound tomorrow (I’m not worried, says the doctor, but get the ultrasound anyway).
THEN, biggest deal of all, my dad will be having his kidney removed on Wednesday to get rid of the whole TUMOR growing on it.
Sigh. What. the. fuck.


One response

  1. :sending you huge virtual hugs: L.

    September 22, 2009 at 1:05 pm

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