Enough already with the hospital

So I spent an hour this morning in the ER getting my crazy knee checked, the one that yesterday a nurse prepping my dad said might be a tick bite, and the minute clinic lady said could ZOMFG could infect the joint! holy crap! @@ so I went to the ER so I didnt have to have to deal with making a drs appointment and could go right back up to see my dad after. And naturally I have an infection in my knee! Because I hadn’t enough medical shit this month. I need antibiotics. Le sigh. OH! and I have to watch for red streaks coming away from the knee. GROAN.
However! My dad is doing OK! Yesterday was rather scary, as my dad went into surgery and was gone for three hours and then in the recovery room for nearly four, because the poor guy was in a lot of pain and had a massive blood pressure spike. So that was scary! But he is OK. His surgeons came in yesterday practically preening, saying they had done such a good job and everything went well. They were quite amusing.
He’s in a lot of pain still, which really fucking sucks. I feel terrible for him. He is getting a little better at demanding pain meds, and in fact as I write this the nurse is going to get the morphine.
On the plus side, my uncle is here from Texas which is awesome. And hospitals suck and I cannot wait into my family is DONE WITH THEM.


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