Finally, the team is named

The Worlds team has been announced at long last. (Photo of leader Bridget Sloan taken by me at 2009 American Cup). No big surprises, given that Nastia Liukin, Sam Pezsek and then Chellsie Memmel all withdrew from consideration. (If they’d stayed, I would have been inclined to put Pezsek on bb and Memmel on ub…)
So! The team is:
Bridget Sloan AA
Rebecca Bross AA
Ivana Hong ub/bb
Kayla Williams fx/vt (I think).
I like this team. I think Sloan is a pretty rock solid competitor–she seems very focused and hard to rile, and on this team is the girl with the most international experience so I’m hoping she can step in as a real leader a la A-Sac. Or even just a steady, calming presence.
If Bross hits like she can and doesn’t fall apart the way she did on Nats day 2, she will be excellent.
I love Ivana Hong’s bb so that will be good, I think she has a chance of making EFs. Her ub is…well, her form is lovely. But good lord her releases are so damn low. She really needs to fix that, and her handstands.
And Kayla Williams! This is really exciting for me. She seems like a very calm, mature gymnast, and whats even more exciting is a year ago she was a level 10! See this interview.
Doesn’t she seem just very mature? I am a big Kayla Williams fan. It is true that she really needs to clean up her leaps and she has some form issues on fx, but her tumbling is great. And she has a real chance at a vault medal, since she has 2 decent vaults and the field is pretty weak this year. So big congrats to her!
Alternates are Kytra Hunter and Mackenzie Caquatto. I think Macko is a terrific gymnast but she isn’t a favorite of mine. I love Hunter’s floor. She is just so incredibly floaty and beautiful. She needs form work and landing work, but she is a kick-ass gymnast. I sorta wish she was on the team rather than Ivana, but of course that would make no sense.
Jana Bieger gets left in the dust as always because TPTB hate her. Well, she and Hunter are going to a World Cup meet later (so is Macko, with Cassie Whitcomb) but that’s not exactly the same. Poor Jana, on the one hand. OTOH…I wish she could just compete NCAA (I think she went pro, though) or go compete for Germany…
so! it will still be a fairly weak Worlds, but should be fun, nonetheless. Congrats to the girls who made it!


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