Worlds AA wrap up!

Well! Bridget Sloan, congratulations! I was really hoping for Sloan to take the whole thing, and SHE DID! She wasn’t perfect, but she was very steady and very solid in almost all of her routines. Her vt was quite good, her DTY is looking better and better. Bars was lovely, great connections and fluidity. Beam was a bit wobbly, alas, but nice. Floor was terrific. Double pike stuck cold, great front pass, nice triple full. So HUGE congratulations to her. I really like Sloan and I really like her coach. Big win for her. Sloan for 2012 AA!
Bross did well as well, of course. Fall on her last tumbling pass cost her the gold, but a silver is something to be VERY proud of us as well, and she looked good tonight, especially on beam. I still dont think she should be throwing a Patterson off bb because she’s going to break one day, but the routine was great anyhow. But she doesn’t have as much…for some reason, I just prefer Sloan. I like Bross OK, but I think Sloan is a better champion.
And Koko Tsurami in bronze! Lovely gymnastics all the way through, although I think its a bit crazy that she medals in AA with just a FTY on vault. But I like her and I liked seeing her.
Lauren Mitchell was terrific. SUCH a innovative bb routine, and great floor as well. Wish she had taken bronze, but really well done for her. Maybe next year.
and big hooray for Youna Dofournet. Last I saw her compete live (Scam) she ended half her routines on her head. Coming in fifth in Worlds is thus especially huge for her!
Great AA comp. Can’t wait for EFs!


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