Forgive the butchering of the spellings!

We went to Johns Hopkins and learned some good news! Dad is having surgery in the next two weeks, most likely, to take away what is most likely a malignant growth in the tail of the pancreas. The spleen and surrounding lymph nodes will also be removed. However, it is most likely either a metastasis of the clear renal cell carcinoma or a kind of tumor called nueroendicrine. Neither of these are the really bad kind, the OMG TWO WEEKS TO LIVE kind. Neither will likely require chemo and/or radiation, which is fantastic. The surgery will be at Johns Hopkins, with a terrific team that we very impressed with. We loved them.

This is incredibly good news and we are supremely fortunate. Only 20% of pancreatic patients have a chance at the operating room, and only about 20-25% of tumors are on the tail, where the surgery is easier.

There is a chance, of course, that this is adenocarcinoma, which is the bad kind, but I asked multiple people multiple times and they said that those chances are really quite slim. So we still have to wait, which sucks, to know for sure—but the chances are good. I looked the surgeon in the eye and asked him if his chances plummet drastically if it is the bad kind and he said yes—but they really don’t think it is. The doctor says right now the prognosis is excellent.

There are not any huge things to worry about with the surgery. There are some complications semi-likely, but none are life-threatening. He will go straight to the ICU after surgery and then will stay in the hospital anywhere from 4-14 days. They’ll remove about fifty percent of the pancreas.

As always, thanks for your support. We are exhausted but so, so relieved.


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