Recently Read

13 1/2–Nevada Barr: the only Barr novel I’ve ever read that isn’t Anna Pigeon but was awesome anyway. Not as great as Anna’s books, but it was really nicely atmospheric anyway–Barr’s books always are. It’s the story of this woman, Patty, who lives in New Orleans and falls in love and…basically has to figure out what the fuck is UP with him. I’m not making it sound good at all, but it is! Very creepy, although I figured the the twist out early. But still. Good read.
The Collected Works of T.S. Spivet: Lord I love this book. This is one of my favorite books ever. For real. Go out and get it RIGHT NOW. I loved it.
Oh, you wanted to know what its about?
It’s about this brilliant boy, T.S. Spivet, who lives in a small town and spends most of his time making sense of the world by mapping it. He maps all kinds of things, and best of all, there are loads of maps in the book, on the margins. Awesome.
Anyway, so T.S. gets a call from the Smithsonian and is told he won an award. So for the rest of this fabulous book, he heads to D.C., surprising everyone with his age. His journey across the country is fairly epic and the entire book is just…oh my lord. Go read it.
Commencement–J. Courtney Sullivan: Great story about four women who start at Smith together and start exploring feminism. It’s a really lovely book and it traces their relationship through Smith and then through the next few years of their lives. They are really well drawn and interesting characters, especially April. Really made me think about feminism in general. Well played, J. Courtney.
Sprout–this was a great novel about a wonderful teenage boy living in a trailer park with his dad. He’s gay and he falls in love with this guy and its really terrific. Love.
Swimming–Nicola Keegan: Pip is a swimmer living in Kansas. My fingers are getting tired right now but I thought I’d point out that this book is incredibly awesome. It takes Pip’s journey from infant all the way thru to retirement, and the writing is fantastic.


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