today’s falls

Sometimes gymnastics is a lot about falling.
fall 1: I was in a handstand on the rod floor and it occurred to me that my legs were starting to tip over. Not sure exactly what happened here–I think I tried to do a roll and a walkover at the same time. Either way, I crumpled onto my neck. It only hurt for a couple minutes, thankfully. Scared the hell out of Nicole, though.
fall 2: Doing a backwards roll on the tramp, I’d get most of the way around, using my hands for power, and then bam! crumple onto my neck and then sort of slide around on my face. Big fun.
falls 3-12312: I was doing front flips on the tramp and I can do them to my feet–but then my feet slide out from under me. My favorite was when I somehow ended up on my back, my head on the very edge of the tramp, and the mat that guards the wall had fallen down.
Ah, Thursdays…
Bonus quotes: SB at the zoo today: “I want to see a lawyer.”
AG last week: “We’re fighting France!”
Me: “Why?”
SB: “I don’t want to fight France. Let’s fight Russia!”
Give these boys a job in the State Department.


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