Lock in Report!

I wish I could tell you how astoundingly beautiful these kids are, how their faces glow around the fire pit, how comfortable they are with one another. I wish I could tell you how fabulous it is to see these 9th graders be so honest, so open and happy with each other. Mostly I wish I could tell you all the wonderful, insightful things they say, but I can’t, because confidentiality is such a key component of working with youth at church.
But I can tell you that being on lock ins with the youth is so much fun. Even though I didn’t sleep very much, and when I did sleep I kept waking up shivering (WHEN will I learn to bring TWO BLANKETS to lock ins? Sigh). But it was great fun.
It reminded me a bit of Thornton, that level of ease and comfort among peers and adults that was so the cornerstone of that school. It makes me wish again that I’d been in better shape to take advantage of it.
It also made me so glad to be a part of a community that has such deep, abiding respect for its’ youth. If only the world was like that.


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