Know a Gymnast: CORRIE LOTHROP

I’m very excited to have Corrie Lothrop agree to an interview! Corrie has long been an admired gymnast of mine. She trained at Hill’s, with Kytra Hunter and Courtney Kupets, among others. Alas she tore her Achilles not long ago (see interview) but she is healing well and headed to Utah next year, where I predict she will ROCK the NCAA.
(side note: 2010 will show Sam Pezsek, Corrie Lothrop, and Olivia Courtney will all be going to college. That’s gonna be an epic NCAA year…)
Anyway, thanks so much for responding, Corrie! Good luck!
1. I’m so sorry you were so badly injured. Can you talk a bit about what happened? What kind of treatment have you had? When do you expect to be better?
*I tore my achilles almost 4 months ago. I can’t even believe it’s actually been that long! I’ve been doing physical therapy for about 3.5 months. The same doctor did Courtney [Kupets] and my surgery, and we also have the same PT. Hopefully I should be back tumbling around Jan/Feb…or maybe that’s just tumble trak…I’m not quite sure.
2. Are you finished with elite gymnastics or do you plan to come back? Why or why not?
*As of now, I am just focusing on my college career, but who knows! I could be back…I’m just taking it one step at a time.
3. What drew you to Utah’s gymnastics program? What about to the university itself?
* Utah was my #1, but I visited some other colleges to make sure I really knew Utah was the right place for me. The university is amazing. The campus is big, but the Huntsman Center (where we compete) is even bigger, so I’m so excited!
4. What is Kelli Hill like as a coach?
* Kelli Hill is probably the best coach I have ever had. She loves hard workers and looks for perfection, but if you are at least attempting to make corrections, you’re good. She has so much technical knowledge and I can talk to her if something is wrong (aching, sore, etc).
5. How was it to be an alternate on the 08 team? Did you go into Nationals and Trials thinking you had a good chance to be named to the team or were you really surprised to be named as a alternate?
* Making the Olympic Team was a true dream come true. I never thought going in to Nationals and Trials that I would even make it to the selection camp. I was just so happy that I made it to trials. It was such a shock to me, but I felt extremely honored.
6. I saw you perform at the Gymnastics Superstars Tour (whatever the official name for that was!) when it stopped in DC. What was your experience with the tour?
* The tour was so much fun! I have never done a tour before, so this was my first. It was fun that there was no stress, just having fun and showing it off to the audience!
7. What was/is your favorite skill to perform?
* My favorite skill to perform is my switch-leg side aerial on beam.
8. What did you find most frustrating to learn?
* My most frustrating skill to learn was probably my double turn on beam. It was very risky, but sometimes inconsistent, and I never knew why some days I could do it perfectly, and then other days I could barely make one.
9. What are your plans for the future?
* My plans for the future are to go through my college gymnastics career and giving as much, if not more, of what I am to the team that I did to the US National Team and my club. However, I usually live in the present, so I don’t spend too much time thinking about the future.
10. What gymnasts do you admire/look up to the most?
* I admire Courtney Kupets a lot. She tore her achilles, like me, and then made the Olympics less than a year later! Then when she went to Georgia, she did amazing and won every NCAA AA the 3 years she competed. I aspire to do that when I go to Utah…who knows, maybe I’ll win the AA too!
11. What is Marta like? What is camp like?
* What can I say about Marta…well, she is an awesome coach/coordinator. I am honored that between her and the committee they picked me to be a part of the Olympic Team. She is also very technically knowledgeable, and she adds her input whenever it is needed. Inside the gym/meets it is all business, but outside the gym/meets, she is a real person who loves shopping, like any other girl!


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