This surgery was SO MUCH BETTER

I expect my ankle will hurt a lot in the coming weeks, but right now its only about a 2-3. I can feel where he cut, just like before I could feel where the break was, and it definitely hurts (plus gauze plus brace plus ace is itchy!) but it isn’t terrible. i’m on a strict oxycodone every 4 hours regime and I am NOT fucking with it, I want to stay ahead of the pain.
The experience at Sibley was a lot better than when I had my tonsils out. I played phone tag with an anesthesiologist on Wednesday and explained that I tend to get really anxious and asked if I could take some anti-anxiety drug that morning, and she said sure, so I did right before leaving for the hospital. So that helped. And once I got there it probably wasn’t more than 30 minutes before I was in the prep room. After I told 2342323 I am NOT pregnant and peed in a cup to prove it and got changed, the anesthesiologist came in and I explained that I tend to get really anxious. He said he’d order something, and he also explained exactly how he was going to keep me from waking up during the surgery. I actually know someone who woke up during surgery and its a big fear! But he reassured me and also said I wouldn’t be getting a paralytic, so I felt a bit better then, too–the girl I know did get one and couldn’t move. He made me feel better. And unlike when I had my tonsils out they didnt just leave me alone in a room–my dad was there, and various nurses, then my surgeon, the PA, etc. They gave me some antibiotic and then some anti-anxiety something and I really appreciated this–a couple times I heard the PA say that we were just going to give me a minute until the drug kicked in so I wouldn’t be anxious about going into the OR. So I was already feeling pretty calm when they wheeled me in and stuck the sleepytime drugs into my IV, and I remember music playing and then I was out.
And when I woke up I apparently took a long nap in the recovery room, they gave me some pain pills, and then they sent me to another room, gave me oxycodone by mouth and some crackers and ginger ale–thanks heavens, I was starving and SO thirsty! and then I got to go home! I was pretty woozy all day yesterday, but this morning the wooziness is mostly gone, and I’ve moved to my bedroom. The family has been terrific and I am hoping that this week will be manageable despite the boredom of bed. Visitors are welcome!


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  1. I'm so glad to hear it all went so well. What a relief. Take some probiotics – those antibiotics can cause some unwanted problems. Take it easy and heal well!

    December 12, 2009 at 1:26 pm

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