The Most Exciting Visit

People have been great about coming by to visit this week, and all the kids have collected their gifts. AG came Monday, CH, LW, and NJ Tuesday, SB yesterday, and CEA, WT, JP and CE this afternoon.
(Special shout-out here goes to Heather, minister from CLUUC, who very kindly came by today as well! Loads of fun, that was a really lovely visit and I was much cheerier!)
anyway, the kids have all been happy to get their holiday books and their parents have all loved the b/w photos I framed of the kids, plus the photo albums for each family. But this evening was an especially interesting visit!
So the R’s brought their lovely puppy, 6 months old today and a good pal of Zoe’s. Over the course of the visit the following happened:
1. Children and mom opened their presents, were pleased. I opened my presents, was pleased.
2. Puppy A dug up from the dark recesses of under my mattress (?) a pillowcase holding a bag of used-to-be-frozen broccoli, bit a hole in it, and an unbelievable smell wafted through the room.
3. Puppy A started gagging.
4. Nicole went over to examine Puppy A and suddenly gasped really loudly and said her tongue was blue (!)
5. Mom S said she was foaming at the mouth and this was definitely an emergency and then things happened very fast.
6. I heard mom S say she need our car and she and Nicole and my mom hustled downstairs with Puppy A.
7. CEA (12), JP (7) and CE (5) started sobbing and landed on my bed. CEA kept saying “vanessa vanessa vanessa” over and over. She was terrified.
8. I rubbed their backs and tried to be reassuring and affirming at the same time “Its really, really scary…I think she’ll be OK…your mom noticed right away…”
9. We were informed that Puppy A was A-OK (sorry) because her mom had gotten–get this–a twisted metal bottle cap out of her mouth that she nearly swallowed.
10. WT(9) looked up from my computer with relief.
11. The children recovered.
12. I decided that WT is pretty much exactly like me. As a kid I would have done the same thing–not start sobbing, but instead stayed tightly focused on something and only breathed a sigh of relief when it was over. Very interesting.
13. I also decided I was glad I’ve known the kids long enough that they let me comfort them when they were super scared!


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