Top Television Episodes

Not in any order.
1. Veronica Mars, Leave It To Beaver. This season one finale was AMAZING, one of my favorite episodes ever. In this episode, Veronica found out who killed her best friend, and using her unique mixture of subterfuge, humor and general awesomeness. Perhaps best of all, this episode really brings home the incredible relationship between Veronica and her father. I think this is one of the finest hours of T.V. ever.
2. Big Love, Oh Come All Ye Saints. Funny, incredible character development from Nicki and Sarah, especially. Bill actually doubting himself and his God. Margie and Ben! Teeny being a sneak. The incredible scene where Sarah….don’t want to give this away. Where Sarah is in the bathroom and Nicki finds her. The really extraordinary last scene that always gives me goose bumps. The revelations.
3. Glee, Sectionals. Great Sue lines plus a little Sue humanizing, one knock it out of the park solo from Rachel, one great revamp of a Rolling Stones song, one excellent number calling back virtually every bit of choreography from the previous seasons, Emma and Will! Quinn being human, Brittany good lines, pop and lock from Mike…this ep had it all.
4. Modern Family, Fizbo. Great lines and interaction between Phil and Claire, awesome Luke and Manny moments (Manny rescuing the dog FTW!) Alex and Haley plus Dylan excellence, Jay and Gloria crossbow scene, and especially, especially, CAM BEING A BADASS and the expression on Mitch’s face.
5. The X-Files, Paper Clip. The usual amazing Scully/Mulder lines, the deepening of the plot, the lines, the wonder…
6. Arrested Development, Pilot. They were all good–I don’t think AD ever had a bad episode–but this one just introduced so many wonderful, wonderful things. I miss you Arrested Development! PS. What have I always said is the most important thing? Breakfast. Family. Oh, I thought you meant of the things we eat.
7. 30 Rock, LudaChristmas. Just so much win. SO MUCH WIN. Could watch this over and over. I could watch most of 30 Rock over and over, of course…
8. Bones, 05 Christmas special. Great mystery and lovely interaction and loads of good humor. And Zach! Before they JUMPED THE SHARK!
9. House, Wilson’s Heart–the only tv episode ever to make me cry. Watching Amber die was heartbreaking. HEARTBREAKING.
10. Make it or Break it: Yes, it is a TERRIBLE SHOW. really, really bad. Horridly written. I floved the season finale.


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  1. & you did this post why?not that i think you're odd or anything.

    February 11, 2010 at 12:41 am

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