Odds N’ Ends

I’ve been so pleased with the kids this week. On Tuesday I took AG, NJ and SB to the toy store (there is NOWHERE to go because there is NO PARKING anywhere!) and told them that they could each get something as long as it was under $2, and if there was whining, we were leaving. I was really impressed. No whining at all, although I could see them occasionally considering it, and they carefully read price tags (“is $2.99 less?”) and played with the assorted toys set out for demo purposes. They were great. After nearly an hour they started getting restless so I shuttled them down the street for a snack. And today I took CE, AG and SB to the Nature Center and there was a program about Mars. They not only sat quietly and paid good attention while also responding to questions during the planetarium part of the program, they also sat politely during the rest of the program, listening to the ranger. They each got to help move the Mars robot around, so that was quite enjoyable! Next week we’ll do some pool and a different nature center.
In other kid related news, I had my interview for the Teacher Education Program at UDC today. it was TERRIFYING. It was Dr. Jowers, who is a great history prof I had last semester, and 2 folks from the ed department–I think–sitting across from me with computers in front of them asking questions. Some of the questions were easy and I felt comfortable, but it was a really intimidating atmosphere. Why UDC cannot just have teacher ed program candidates sit down and have a civilized conversation is beyond me. I may have totally flubbed a diversity question, too. Thank goodness Dr. Jowers was there, otherwise I would have been incredibly nervous. Or more incredibly nervous.
I was talking to Dr. Jowers earlier about Undergraduate Research Day and then we talked about being a teacher a bit–I got a little excited and said “it’s going to be fun!” to which she said “it’ll be hard as hell.” Hehe. Yes, yes I am sure it will be–I will hate some things about it. But I also think I will love it, although leaving the cocoon of school feels a bit scary. Luckily that’s still two years away. Or unluckily, I go back and forth.
In Can You Fucking Believe It News, both my parents have to have surgery. Dad for hernia repair, Mom for orthoscopic knee surgery for a torn meniscus. At this point all I can do is laugh.


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