In Insanity Begins Again

645 am: up after a restless night. Fast walk with running intervals with Zoe. Vibrams FTW.
745: leave for hospital with Nicole. Kiss my dad, pick up my mom as we have back to back ortho appointments.
850: arrive at Dr. Ryans’ office. Get x-ray.
920: Mom comes into my exam room to tell me Nicole just threw up and went back to the ER, where last night she was dx’d with bronchitis. Roll eyes. Arrange to go home with mom and wait for hospital bed to be delivered, as Dad won’t be able to climb stairs for at least a month.
930: Dr Ryan comes in.
“Your films look great!”
“OK, good!”
“Can I see your ankle…wow, looks good. Normally it takes a fracture about eight months to heal but you are lightyears ahead of the curve. Now what is it that you wanted to be able to do?”
“Go back to gymnastics classes.”
“Well, in a month or two, you can start thinking about that. As long as it doesn’t hurt.”
940: Go into Mom’s room for Dr. Ryan to take out the stitches from her knee surgery last week. Look at pictures of the inside of her knee. Drive home. Help Mom move stuff around/
1030: Hospital bed delivered.
11-1220: sit half assedly thru logic class.
1230-1: make it a little way thru theater and am BORED. also Nicole is texting me to see if I can bring her home from ER. take off early.
130: get to Sibley, find Nicole. THis morning she was feeling really dizzy so was on her way back down to ER when she saw dads’ dr, so she came back into the room and lasted about 10 seconds before going into the hall and throwing up. The nurses apparently were obligated to put her in a wheelchair and bring her down to the ER, where she had a chest x-ray and spent several hours being rehydrated. Hold my dads’ hand for a little while. Marvel at the fact that the doctor said that had he gotten a superficial cut on his stomach he likely would’ve died because the hernia was so massive. Decide he’s not that smart.
215: Take Nicole home, stopping at pharmacy for her inhaler. Let the dog out.
3: pick up boys, take to the pool.
6: Stop at the house on the way to bringing NJ home to get the dog, since he lives right around the corner. Let him play on the hospital bed.
615: get back from taking NJ home. Go check on Nicole. who is sound asleep.
Right Now: collapse.


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