Not bad. Especially compared to last year. Bross won which is not exactly shocking. She looked all right. Not terrific, but OK. Her Patterson remains fugly and needs to be replaced. Her Jaeger is HUGE. her bars dismount was really beautiful–well done. Floor was OK. New routine which is something at least? She is kind of adorable.
Aly Raisman–fantastic beam! Her DTY was great as well, and her bars were semi-OK, and her floor was good, but beam was REALLY good. No wobbles, excellent punchfront to back tuck, and STUCK COLD Patterson. really really nice.
Jessica Lopez finally medals in her 5823423th Scam! Good for her. Her floor was lovely.
Elsa Garcia’s floor, on the other hand, seemed waaaaay slowed down.
Andrea “I’m A Bitch” Joyce interviewed A-Sac, who says she hopes to come back and compete at Classics and Nationals. I’d love to see her in Hartford! Also interviewed was Nastia, who hedged the “will you be in London” question artfully enough that Joyce called her a politician, and the Nastia Liukin Cup winner, Lexie Somebody from CGA. CGAis a scary gym. This was confirmed for me when Lexie name checked “The Secret.” Good Christ, kid, you’re THIRTEEN. Go read some bad poetry or something.
The men were more exciting and really need to remove their shirts. Just about everyone fucked up pbars, pommels was boring because its pommels, Jon Horton landed a double front vault just about lock kneed, and Fabi looked exhausted. But he and Jon pulled out decent hb routines, at least.
Creepiest line of the day goes to Al, for a change, when the camera cut to a shot of Bross untaping her ankle:
“Rebecca Bross can take everything off now…everything off her ankle.” Nice catch, Al, ya big sicko.


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