Favorite Gymnasts by Country

USA: Courtney Kupets. She doesn’t do my favorite gymnastics, but I have SUCH a huge amount of admiration for her, coming back from Achilles’ tear TWICE, competing AA at the Olympics while being injured, lovely bars, and the best NCAA career ever. She also seems like a really kind, genuine person. and I have loved many of her routines. I also have a soft spot for Hill’s girls.
Romania: Nadia. She is just so completely emblematic of the sport. and that bars release! i could watch that ALL DAY.
Belarus: Olga Korbut. Elfin and adorable and did one of the best, coolest, most innovative new skills ever.
China: Mo Huilan. Elegant and incredibly innovative, with difficulty that was unusual for the time.
Russia: Svetlana Khorkina. While her attitude sometimes bugged me, I confess to loving the drama Queen Sveta brought to the stage, and I really admire her persistence and drive. Also, she did a great job making a tall gymnast look good!
Germany: Oksana Chusovitina. The woman has been competing FOREVER. How can I not admire her?
USSR: Olga Mostepanova. this is the hardest to pick, but I love her gymnastics. She is beautiful. Just such a lovely, lovely gymnast. and adorable!
Ukraine: Lilia Podkopayeva. I adore her. She was a gorgeous gymnast. SUCH elegance, and great difficulty as well.


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