I got the best ones.

i took my tuesday boys to Cabin John yesterday and oh my goodness. It was one of those happy to be alive afternoons. For one thing, it was just beautiful out, warm and sunny and not a cloud in the sky. and the boys were exceptional. When we got there they sprang out of the car and went charging into the park. We played tag, which for them is basically where they get to run around the playground equipment and I try to catch them, but I’m not allowed to go on the equipment. This makes it more challenging. They race around screaming and laughing and I hide under things and try to grab their feet as they run by. It’s very funny. One of the things I love about my kids is the way that they make three kids work for them. They pair off sometimes, true, but always in different combinations, and mostly they play together as a pack. They went to the slides–there are three together, long ones–and raced each other. They climbed the fake castle. They assigned themselves houses in this maze thing. Cabin John has a new piece of equipment, this circular bar that you hang from and then spin around. Well. This morning, my arm and shoulders are sore from picking them up over and over and over so they could hold on. NJ and AG would last a few seconds before flying off and collapsing in the wood chips, laughing hysterically. SB stayed on FOREVER, it was amazing. After awhile I started grabbing the thing too and spinning, and we’d all go around laughing and laughing and it was like god was there, too. Then somebody would fall off and get hit by someone still swinging. It was wonderful. We were all laughing.
Then they went to play in a giant hill of mulch. I think their mothers may have been a tiny bit annoyed when they came home covered in mulch and I am sorry, but not really, because its’ laundry compared to them just being kids and really enjoying a beautiful early spring afternoon the way they should. They climbed the mulch, jumped on it (“its the Winter Olympics!”) pretended to be prairie dogs, slid down, discovered that digging results in steaming (science!) and they were so.happy. It was great.
We also investigated the (metal) pig that eats trash, a classic. We stopped at the car to get trash and there was certainly enough to please the pig! On the way home NJ mentioned that something was sexy, and I burst out laughing before I had a chance to ask him what exactly that meant. He couldn’t answer, which thank goodness. hehe. And SB pointed out that crap is also a word kind of like sexy, which is impressive, actually.
Then NJ put a bag over his head. Not sure what that was about. and SB and I sang Springsteen to each other.
At any rate, it was one of the best afternoons I’ve had in quite awhile. Thanks, boys.

Meanwhile! Friday was the lock in for the 9th graders at church. that was terrifically fun. These youth are amazing. They are SO smart its absurd, but they are also things that are more important. Thoughtful, considerate, kind. They are learning to take care of each other. It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve known some of them since they were sixth graders, because they seem so grown up now.
One did call me old, though. AH ITS STARTED!
Kid: “who has heard of [band i dont even remember?]
Me: I have.
Kid: You’re an old person!
Me: I’m 10 years older than you!
Kid: That’s OLD ENOUGH.

anyway. the lock in was great.


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