Conference Predictions

ACs – Philadelphia PA, 12PM EDT
-William & Mary
NO clue here. I will guess…W&M?

EAGLs – Durham NH, 2PM EDT
-George Washington University
-New Hampshire
-North Carolina
-North Carolina State
-West Virginia
They seem like the strongest of these. I believe they’ve won against most of these teams.

Big Tens – Columbus OH, 2PM EDT
-Michigan State
-Ohio State
-Penn State
I actually think it will probably be Michigan but I’d love to see Penn State take it.

MACs – Bowling Green OH, 2PM EDT
-Ball State
-Bowling Green
-Central Michigan
-Eastern Michigan
-Kent State
-Northern Illinois
-Western Michigan
no idea, randomly picked.

Big 12s – Lincoln NE, 2PM CDT
-Iowa State

SECs – Jacksonville FL, 4PM EDT
-Louisiana State
Bama. UGA hasn’t had a good enough season to take SECs I dont think. UF is a possibility, but more likely for next year.

Pac-10s – Tucson AZ, 4PM MST
-Arizona State
-Oregon State
In the bag if they keep it together on beam.

MICs – Denton TX, 6PM CDT
-S.E. Missouri
-Illinois State
-Texas Woman’s University
-University of Illinois at Chicago
No clue. Nada.
WACs – Fullerton CA, 6PM PDT
-Boise State
-Cal State-Fullerton
-Sacramento State
-San Jose State
-Southern Utah
-Utah State
I know they are on the verge of falling apart so they should win!

MPSFs – Seattle WA, 6PM PDT
-Air Force Academy
-Seattle Pacific
-UC Davis
Again no idea 🙂


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