Boston: Highlights

Day One: Train! I slept some. Having strep on a train is not so much ideal. But I did sleep some.
At the airport, a lot of the youth came running over and hugged me. That was nice.
We started out at First Parish in Plymouth and the stained glass was just beautiful. Then Plimoth Plantation. Also lovely, but I confess: my favorite part was the baby bull. The picture in this post is not actually the baby bull, obviously. But I spent a LONG time petting the baby bull. Oh my lord the cute. And he kept running his cheek against my hand, asking me for more rubs. it was SO CUTE.
The Mayflower was cool too.
Dinner at Quincy Market was fun. The adults went to Durgin Park and yum. And fun!
The next day we headed to Arlington Street Church. The sermon was amazing and the music was wonderful and I really need to focus my thoughts on this better. I loved the sermon. “What if comfort was not our highest priority?” It was all about getting out of ones’ comfort zone.
Their wonderful DRE talked to us for quite awhile and I was again impressed with the religion that I have chosen. We are a good people. We are called to do some important things.
And then! We got to head up until the bell tower! It was cramped and crowded and the view was amazing. Ringing the bell was especially fun–I got to do a little pulling myself. So great.
That afternoon we hit Walden Pond which is just as beautiful as it’s made out to be, and had a bit of a walk and then a short meditation. One of the things I notice about myself post high school is how easy it can be for me to slip into a more meditative state. Thank you Quaker school! I heard the water, but not the cars, because as a teenager I was forced to learn how to quiet my mind. And it turns out I can still do it.
Dinner at Durgin Park again, this time with some of the chaperones and some of the kids. Lots of fun. In the morning we saw the beautiful Kings Chapel, including a crypt. The crypt was pretty fantastic. There were baby bones, too. Woot.
I’m reallllllly tired and so this is a pretty bad post–I promise there will be more later but I wanted to at least write down the highlights before I forget!
Other randomness:
–being a chaperone who is a decade older than the youth is interesting because I am nominally in charge, but I also goof around with them, make jokes, quote Monty Python, discuss how to survive a zombie attack, etc. It’s a good feeling mostly. I think that I have a good relationship with these youth. I tend to model it on the young teachers at TFS.
–it was great to see this group out of church and on a trip. I’ve done many lock ins with them because I’ve had this general class, and lots of these kids, in 6th, 8th and 9th grades, but a trip is different.
–I laughed a LOT.
–as always I was touched by their thoughtfulness. And I think they are learning to take care of one another.


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