The Catholic Church is really starting to piss me off

Now, it’s not as though we have the best relationship to begin with. I think their stance on abortion, homosexuality, birth control and women in general is–how can I put this delicately?–patently absurd. Not a fan of telling people they’re hell-bound, either. But of course these are functions of lots of churches (and I am generally pretty furious with the fundamentalists of any stripe, as well) but.
Condoning the systematic rape of children? REALLY? Come the fuck on.
As I’ve said before, I have exactly zero issues with folks believing things that are different from what I believe. Radically different. Fine. You believe the Bible is literal? Go for it. All about the idea of heaven and hell? Great. Abortion is murder? OK. Teh Gays are all huge sinners? Whatevs. My problem comes when you decide YOUR beliefs should GOVERN my life. You think abortion is murder and you want to take away MY right to have one? Oh hell no. That’s just not okay.
And the Catholic Church? Well. I like lots of Catholics. Some of my favorite people are Catholic. And so my problem is not at all with everyday Catholics. Do I have a problem with the Pope? Oh yes. Yes, I would say I have a big fucking problem with the Pope.
He did not defrock a priest who abused MORE THAN 200 BOYS.
In addition to COVERING UP CHILD RAPE, the man used a goddamn sermon to accuse people of GOSSIP. Because that’s exactly what uncovering a giant, massive, fucking enormous system of condoning the systematic rape of children is. JUST LIKE GOSSIP GIRL.
There’s the fact that he is refusing to testify.
Also: apparently, the Church has decided that the fact that NYT dares to report on their COVER UP OF CHILD RAPE is the exact.same. as the fucking Holocaust.
This makes me so, so, so angry I can barely breathe.
Quite honestly, like the wonderful Sylvia Vane, if I were Catholic–even culturally–I don’t think I could be anymore. As Angie the Anti-Theist pointed out, I could not in good conscience give money to an institution that was willing to do this.
Try them. Try them all, and convict them. Every fucking priest who abused a child. Every fucking priest who covered that up. Try and convict every last of the fuckers. Let’s send a message finally that it is NO OKAY to take advantage of children.


2 responses

  1. Trying to strike the right balance between the rights of religious followers and of their non-religious neighbors is a much trickier issue than simply asking all the religious folks not to infringe upon anyone else's perceived rights. In point of fact, everyone's rights are going to be infringed upon at some point when the needs or perceived rights of various groups overlap. This is a much more complicated issue than you have made it out to be.As for the Catholic church – I agree with you that the sex abuse scandal is heartbreaking and the Pope/Vatican's response has been shockingly callous. That said, I think it is certainly acceptable to be deeply uncomfortable with this and still remain Catholic. To jump ship simply because the human institution is (painfully) flawed is a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, don't you think? Since religion is something ostensibly larger than humananity, no matter how unjust that sounds?And as far as defrocking goes, I was inclined to agree with you at first, but my Catholic girlfriend pointed out that a defrocked abuser-priest is a pedophile who has been very suddenly cut off from his community and the life he has always known. Which likely means more children are put in harm's way. Why not reassign convicted priests – say, to a monastic life where they are far, far away from children? There can be no healing without community, so jailing or excommunicating an abuser priest, as just as it seems, is only going to exacerbate the problem.Just my two cents.

    April 3, 2010 at 3:51 am

  2. I appreciate your two cents!

    April 5, 2010 at 11:32 am

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