Conversations I’ve Had Today (Not Exactly Verbatim, But Close Enough).

Psychiatrist: Blah blah blah, you look great, everything’s good, stick to the current plan, etc. By the way you seem sick. I bet it’s a sinus infection.
Me: i think it’s just allergies.
Her: That’s not an allergy cough…you should see a doctor.
Me: I’m currently between internists.
Her: You could see one of those doc in a boxes.

an hour later:
Minute Clinic Lady: blah blah, sinus infection, probably not pneumonia…oh, but you are allergic to so many drugs and I just gave you an antibiotic for strep two weeks ago that I can’t repeat, so go over to urgent care.

an hour after that:
Urgent Care Doctor: Hmm. Sinus infection. Watch that cough. Stay inside for a few days, it was probably triggered by allergies. Can you take…no you can’t take that. How about the Z-Pack?
Me: It doesn’t usually work.
Her: OK…well, the last antibiotic was too intense…let’s do this. take essentially double the Z-Pack.You look tough. And stay inside! and rest! and drink plenty of clear fluids…this doesn’t mean vodka.
Me: ::snort:: OK. School/work/gymnastics?
Her: Not today. MAYBE tomorrow if you feel okay, but don’t get too tired.


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