And they’re down.
Ten time National Champions, winners of five championships in a row, are DOWN.
That’s right, folks. The University of Georgia failed to qualify to Nationals.
Oregon State qualifies instead.
This program is just a disaster without Suzanne Yoculan at the helm. The reason I started watching the Gymdogs was Courtney Kupets, the best NCAA gymnast ever, and I stayed because of the Awesomeness of Suzanne. These girls would never have fallen apart like this if she was still there. Suzanne needs to be national team coordinator.
It seems that the Gymdogs assumed that qualifying would be no problem, and they were wrong. That’s some fairly typical Gymdog arrogance, right there. Kat Ding remains the best Gymdog.
Best part was Chelsea Davis tweeting “OMG”. Hehe. Davis will be a gymdog next year. Wonder if she wants to back out and join the epic recruiting classes at UF and UCLA instead…
So now we’ll see. It’s UCLA’s to lose, but I must confess, I’m rooting for OU. I wouldn’t be sad if UCLA took it, but goodness, OU would just be awesome.


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