100 (Mostly Random) Things

1. I was born on Friday the 13th, which is why 13 is my lucky number.
2. I swear a LOT when I am frustrated. Really, really a lot. I think people are sometimes very surprised.
3. I love gymnastics. Watching it, talking about it, attempting it…
4. I have never liked my body, except my hair and eyes.
5. I’m getting better at that. Slowly.
6. When I first learned to use the Internet, it was a mistake. I was too young to have so much technology, and since it was right at the beginning of when teenagers started using the Internet a lot, no one had warned us about things like cyberbullying, and that you shouldn’t say something via email you wouldn’t say in person.
7. I am really angry a lot of the time, when I start thinking about rape culture and people mistreating animals and, really, a whole host of other things.
8. Speaking of mistreated animals, when I see people being assholes to their animals, it makes me really sad for quite awhile.
9. I went to a very small Quaker high school and I wish I’d been healthy enough to appreciate it.
10. In retrospect, I should have chilled the fuck out, gotten over my Mental Health Issues, and laughed a lot more.
11. I did laugh, though. Some of my fondest memories are of laughing. There was one kid who could sound just like Sean Connery and it always cracked me up. Hell, everybody cracked me up.
12. Also, how honest and open everyone was made me very, very grateful. See: fire circles.
13. One of the reasons I love working with youth at church is that they have many of the same honesty and humor as TFS folk did.
14. I love food. Talking about it, eating it, cooking it…
15. My favorite foods include: mac and cheese, pancakes, cake, pizza, tomatoes, cheese, strawberries, green apples…it’s a long list. and indian food.
16. I love cooking, too. I am working on eating more healthfully. It isn’t always easy. Sometimes it works, though.
17. I love babysitting.
18. The kids make me laugh every single day. They always have.
19. When I was 13, nearly 14, I was a live in nanny in Maine for a week.
20. I was so tired I’d go back to my families house and nap during the day.
21. I get really connected to fictional characters.
22. Once, I called Connecticut 411, looking for the members of the Baby-Sitters Club.
23. I wanted to talk to Claudia. Claud was always my favorite. Well, I had a lot of favorites.
24. I kept saying “StoneyBROOK…KISHI…” and the operator kept saying that there WAS no Stoneybrook, but there was a Stony River…
25. I was pretty sure I’d be a great BSC member.
26. I broke my wrist once flying off my bike. My mom was watching. Scared the crap out of her.
27. In the summers we went to houses in ME and MA. I loved the beach.
28. These towns are full of richwhitechristianstraightconservatives, and of those, I am only white, so I never felt like I fit in.
29. In retrospect these are places I am glad I don’t fit in.
30. I was always pretty convinced I didn’t care about being cool.
31. This was true some of the time.
32. Other times I’m pretty sure I did want to be cool.
33. Now…I think I don’t worry about it very much anymore.
34. I find PJ pants very comfortable.
35. I wear them a lot.
36. This trend began in high school.
37. Today I wore my super comfy giraffe patterned PJ pants.
38. When I was a kid I loved watching the Rugrats. Other shows, too, but I mostly remember the Rugrats.
39. I’ve worn my hair the same way–pulled back in a messy bun–virtually all of the time for at least a decade.
40. When I want to mix it up, I’ll do a ponytail.
41. Occasionally, I wear it down.
42. I have three holes in each other but rarely wear earrings, although I did just order some awesome studs.
43. I rarely wear jewelry, period.
44. Feels weird.
45. I like very tactile things–playing in the mud, lying in the sand, etc.
46. At the beach, I enjoy lying around for hours and hours, with breaks to swim. Sometimes I fall asleep. Mostly I read.
47. I watch TV pretty much completely online, via hulu and sometimes itunes.
48. I got my first ipod when I was 19, and looking at it now it seems so old! and big! and clunky!
49. I feel very strongly that I am a UU.
50. I love my faith.
51. Sometimes my church can be irritating, because it can be resistant to change. And meetings are boring.
52. But I also feel very comfortable and at home there, and for that I am grateful.
53. I feel the presence of god, or something divine, virtually every day.
54. Mostly in nature.
55. Sometimes in people, especially kids/youth.
56. In the past few years I have been trying very very hard to do one thing that I really love every day.
57. Many days I manage more than one thing I really love.
58. Speaking of things I love: my dog. I LOVE my dog.
59. I remember searching the internet looking for good dog names, and found out that Zoe means life.
60. It suits her, too.
61. When she was a puppy, we went to visit her and pick her out, and she was the smallest black female. She dragged the camera case across the room.
62. My sister says that one of the nicest things she remembers me doing is letting her sleep downstairs with the puppy, then taking over when she was too tired to deal with Z getting up every couple hours. Nicole was only 12!
63. It shocks me sometimes, how much I love my dog.
64. I love the way she snuggles with me, too, and rests her head against me.
65. Also, I love how we can communicate. We once saw a trainer who said that she talks to me, and she does.
66. Speaking of people I love: I have the greatest sisters.
67. I remember Ashley taking me places, showing me things, bringing me to fabulous art museum, taking care of me. She’s great.
68. Nicole makes me laugh more than anyone else. She’s my best friend.
69. I’ve grateful for them.
70. I met my therapist, who is now my analyst, when I was 15. Hard to believe it’s been almost ten years.
71. She’s good. She helps.
72. I love books. LOVE them.
73. I like TV and movies too, but if I had to pick, it would alwaysalwaysalways be books.
74. There have been a lot of books that have change my life.
75. I’ve pretty much always had a Paralyzing Fear of Death.
76. When I was a kid, I read the book “Baby” and it has the Millay poem Dirge without Music. This poem said what I believed and felt about death and dying.
77. I said goodbye to my grandfather on the phone. I think I was 13. I said that I liked sailing with him.
78. I watched my grandmother die. She took a last gasping breath and then she was gone. It was…strange.
79. I loved her, a lot. We had some great times. I’ve very grateful that I got to know her, at least somewhat, before she died.
80. She told me a lot of great stories about being younger, her brother Gay Uncle Louie, her teenage exploits.
81. She was totes a closet liberal.
82. I am really pretty snarky.
83. I get that, at least partially, from my dad.
84. My favorite word is prelapsarian, both because it’s a cool word with a cool meaning (before the Fall) and because it is the only word, in my entire life, that when I asked my dad what it meant he couldn’t answer.
85. Some of my other favorite words include: syzgy, discombobulated, lace, onomatopoeia…wow I have a whole list somewhere.
86. I broke my ankle in December. It’s getting a lot better but still hurts when moved in certain ways.
87. I find this highly annoying.
88. We used to have a backyard trampoline and are GETTING ANOTHER ONE.
89. I am very excited. I love flipping.
90. Last week I tried landing on my feet on the trampoline at gymnastics class for the first time since I broke my ankle. It was scary.
91. And exhilarating.
92. I took gymnastics as a kid and was very happy to discover an adult gymnastics class, and very proud that I can do it.
93. I have mixed feelings about school.
94. The thing is, I love learning about things I’m interested in. History classes have been highlights the past two semesters. I’ve also enjoyed some English and education courses.
95. I have trouble understanding the content presented in my math/science courses.
96. It is not because I’m not smart enough. I easily understand, or sometimes understand fairly easily after working for it, science-y stuff that I read about or listen to on the radio by choice.
97. I find chimps and their history and the ways in which they have been able to use human language fascinating.
98. I also love whales and dolphins and wish I could learn more about them and see them more. a lot more.
99. I feel very at peace on Grand Manan.
100. I have opinions about pretty much everything.


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