Day of Silence

“your silence will not protect you.” -audre lord
Confession: I am not being silent today.
If I were going to classes I would be silent, because UDC remains woefully unaware of LGBT issues. But since what I’ve got going today is babysitting and analyssi, both of which require talking, I am not silent.
I have some mixed feelings about Day of Silence. I think it does a lot of good among those who are in environments where people may be unaware of LGBT issues–your average school or workplace, for example.
I also think that among people who are already aware, not talking is kind of useless.
But let’s note, folks. Let’s note that for LGBT people across the world, talking is not an option. It’s easy for me to forget that. I don’t have much of a problem saying that I’m bi, although even for me it can be hard. And I live in a very liberal city, have very liberal (and queer) friends, attend a super liberal church…I’m lucky, in other words. I’m in a good place to be for an LGBT person.
And it can be hard for ME.
Can you imagine how incredibly fucking hard it must be to be a queer kid growing up a place that constantly tells you are amoral, you are a bad person, you are going to hell, you are a sinner? Can you even begin to imagine?
I can’t.
And so today, let’s remember all those queer kids who don’t have a voice. And tomorrow, and the next day and the next day and the next, let’s scream for them.


One response

  1. You're incredible brave for write stuff like this. I follow your blog because of gymnastics, now I feel more respect for you as a person. Keep up with the good job.

    May 9, 2010 at 3:21 am

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