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I’ve put ads up here. I’m sorry. It could be distracting and if it seems too horrible I will try to change it. I do, however, desperately need money.
In the meantime, if you read this blog semi regularly, please leave a comment so that I know you were here. I am trying to figure out Google Analytics, so if you have any experience with that…please to let me know?
In News Of The World Of Gymnastics:
The US dominated at PacRim! Great job, girls. I hear Jordyn Weiber has a new floor and it looks pretty good. She is apparently looking in just fantastic shape! Welcome back, Jordyn.
Raisman looks good, too. Her beam dismount was not as epic as it was at Scam (it wasn’t stuck this time!) but she is very calm on beam. It’s lovely.
Bross is steady as all hell.
Sloan has a new bar routine! This is terrific news. It looks good, except for the mistakes.
It looks to me like, barring injury, 2012 could easily feature Sloan, Bross, Raisman, Weiber and…we’ll see.
I do realize that barring injury is rather a big caveat.
Afan HIT!
I don’t really have anything else to say about that…she hit, which is FANTASTIC, and she looks terrific, and she was a mother hen type towards the younger gymnasts, and that is all very good. The other Ksenia was busy hitting at Euros.
Speaking of Euros, The Tweds got gold in both bars and floor. Well played, Beth. GB took silver in TF, which is a phenomenal finish for them.
Other news, etc. Make sure to read The Couch Gymnast for the best PacRim news and photos and stories!
Meanwhile…Kayla Williams has left training. She hasn’t trained for TWO MONTHS. This indicates very, very strongly that Kayla has fallen out of favor with Marta (if she was ever in favor: Marta may have just taken her because there were no other vaulters and the field was weak) and she has very little chance, now, of making another elite team. I just hope she can get into shape for NCAA and get a scholarship. I’d like to see her at UCLA. They are going to have a great next few years.
Speaking of UCLA…
WOOT! They KICKED ASS at NCAAs. VaZam was terrific. Anna Li was awesome. I love them. I love their floor. I love Miss Val.
I also love OU, although I confess I really only love them because of Hollie Vise.
Next year…with Florida taking Macko, Kytra and Alaina Johnson and UCLA with Sam P, Sydney Sawa and Olivia Courtney, is going to be amazing.
In other other gymn news, everything Aunt Joyce/other folks say about GGMB is true. Those folks are mean just for the hell of it, which is just rude. /done with that crap.
In other other OTHER gymn news…I did vaulting drills the other day. Obviously I was terrible, but my goodness was it fun! Alas, I still have a mental block re double mini, which is interesting because that is not actually how I got hurt!
Also, I am totally stalking Hill’s. I really want an interview there!


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