NJ’s mom passed along this marvelous post about babysitters! It’s a good post and well worth reading, and nice to remember that parents appreciate us too.
I took all four of the younger kids to the park the other day, on the bus since I cannot fit all of them in my car (I realllllly need to figure that out…) and we had a great time. They marched over to the bus stop, backpacks on, played for quite awhile, and then marched back to the bus stop. They are such a pack, it’s great.
Meanwhile, I am mentally planning a post for National Babysitter’s Day. It’s apparently Saturday, which coincides nicely with the spring fair.
Hehe. Also, we’ve been listening to The Dream Jam Band song “Bike” and the kids just go NUTS. It is hilarious. There is singing along and funny faces and it can be difficult to drive because I am laughing so damn hard. Goofballs.


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