It’s been awhile since I spent a whole day with a toddler, and today I was surprised to find that I’ve forgotten, at least a bit, the rhythm of it. A. is two, just two, and I’d forgotten the simple rhythms that govern toddler life. The story and the tucking in and the kiss and the “see you after your nap!” The turkey breast and avocado and sliced tomatoes and fruit and yogurt for lunch. The way they put a hand on my head or shoulder when I help with pants and shoes. The singing with heavy weight against my chest. The constant refrain of “down by the bay” over and over. It’s lovely.


One response

  1. Yes – that "down by the bay" refrain is dead on… or "baby beyuga in the deep blue sea swim so waaaaald and swim so free"

    July 8, 2010 at 3:14 pm

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