Stories of the week

Random Mom at Clemyjontri Park (big, sprawling, rainbow of a playground in McLean where I took SB and NJ) to her son, who looked to be about 10): “If I see you without that cell phone IN YOUR HAND you have to SIT DOWN. and if you don’t answer on the first ring you are DONE FOR THE DAY.”
My boys: “We have to go to the bathroom.”
Me: “okay, come right back here.”
(a few minutes later)
Me, rather pointedly: “Thanks for coming right back!”

It’s nice that they are older, as much as I lovelovelove the tiny ones. The boys are both right around 7, with NJ being a couple months younger then SB, and in practice this means that in this huge playground I can let them run around without worrying. I can come find them, and they can come find me, and all is well.
I took the boys, with CE (who is nearly 6) and my sister to the waterpark, and it was really quite fun! They loved the slides, especially the boys, who went down Big Pete, the biggest slide in the whole place, over and over. Mostly, though, we enjoyed the lazy river. We are ALL ABOUT the lazy river. and I love wrapping them in towels and cuddling 🙂
Also, on the way home we were stuck in terrible traffic and they were exhausted and starving and so I kept them quiet and calm by telling them a completely off the cuff tale about a bear with triplet daughters that needed some dynamite to blow open a berry storage facility because there were no more berries or salmon left. It involved several other creatures and was quite…long. I was impressed with myself. Then, needing a break from making stuff up, I settled on retelling Harry Potter. Badly. A trend that continued on the way home from the park, with me telling more HP in a very bad British accent.
I love these kids. I hate that I will see them so much less next year!


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