30 Things Every Adult Should Know

I went over to Ask Moxie today and found a post asking what things everyone needs to know by the time they reach adulthood. This is a list I suspect I will constantly be updating. I look forward to your ideas in comments.
Things I wish I was taught and/or things, at nearly 25, I am still trying to teach myself:
1. How to manage money, balance a checkbook, and live within one’s means (TERRIBLE at this)
2. How to do laundry
3. How to cook at least some basic things, including some balance (i.e. veggies, protein, etc)
4. The basics of nutrition (how much fat, carbs etc one should eat)
5. The basics of how much exercise is needed and how to get it (kind of the importance of staying active)
6. Self regulation–the most important one–understanding how much sleep you need, when you need to eat, all those things
7. How to drive
8. How to sit through something boring while looking attentive
9. How to make polite conversation, even with people you dislike
10. How to say no
11. How to say yes
12. Sex ed. EVERYONE needs sex ed! Comprehensive sex ed, I mean.
13. How to ask someone out
14. How to break up with someone
15. How to make friends
16. Some sort of creative outlet
17. How to give and receive compliments, apologies, and helpful criticism.
18. How to be organized enough for your life to function as you want it to
19. How to delay gratification (KEY!)
20. Basic first aid
21. How to work with people, even people you don’t like
22. How to think critically (KEY!)
23. How to look at the world and decide what you do and do not want to take from what your parents and others have shown you
24. How to read and write at least passably well
25. How to swim
26. How to care for another living thing, whether it’s a plant or animal
27. How to think about the costs and benefits of your choices and understand their consequences.
28. How to face fears
29. How to use technology–and how to function without it (i.e. know how to use a computer, but also how to get along without facebook; know how (or be able to figure out) how to use a GPS but be able to read a map)
30. This one might actually be the most important–how to begin to develop and live by a system of values and beliefs, including social, political and religious values and beliefs.


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