It was lovely to be at the beach. The entire thing passed as a blur, really, of sand and books and swimming and ice cream and card games. I love seeing my cousins. I love how familiar everything is, the rocks to climb on, the diving board, the raft, the marsh road, the house that I know so well. Mostly I was glad to have a chance to breathe, to put everything into a box and set it aside for a little while, to be just in this place.
Now reality comes back like a fist to the face, loud and obtrusive and full of observations about cancer and money and how I haven’t found work yet and how my classes keep getting fucked up and how I really do want to teach, but I also want to be a photojournalist, and how can I get what I want, and is my father going to be okay, and how can I support everyone. And then I need to go back, and remember the beach. It is all a bit complicated. Luckily, I created a masterful (hah!) video encapsulating the experience!


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