This Is Just To Say

in creative writing today we listened to the tail end of this TAL episode, which features writers riffing on the William Carlos William poem.
more or less a poem apologizing without actually apologizing.
anyway, then we did our own. here are mine, somewhat bitter, hastily done, and slightly, dare I say it–mean. But take the rule of writing class here–don’t confuse the writer and narrator!

This Is Just To Say
I made hotdogs tonight
and i told you
they were turkey

forgive me
i find your religious rules silly
and pork is cheaper

i took the goldfish you won
at the fair
and flushed it
down the toilet

forgive me
i needed the bowl for soup
and the game was rigged, anyway

i’m sorry that you are ugly, and stupid
with no prospects at all
but maybe if you tried harder,
someone would love you.


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