A Little Support

I snapped the picture at the bottom, of Alicia Sacramone and coach Mihai Brestyan during vault warm ups at Nationals, in part because one of the reasons I love watching warm ups/training is to see how quick the coaches are, always, to catch their gymnasts. How good they are at spotting.

Well, not always. There have been some epic fails in that department, it’s true.

But for me, one of the best things about taking adult gymnastics has been learning to trust that the instructor–let’s call him T.–won’t let do things that I’m not ready for. Well, except for that one front tuck that didn’t quite work out as planned. But that wasn’t him, that was all me.

Anyway. I feel supported pretty frequently by friends, family, community, etc. All of that is emotional support, which heavens knows I welcome. It is also nice to know that I can occasionally literally launch myself backwards and someone will ensure I make it over.


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