I Like Books

I spent most of the day Friday utterly absorbed in Allegra Goodman‘s newest offering, The Cookbook Collector. It’s a beautiful novel, bursting at the seams with lovely language. I fell in as if off a cliff and was submerged until I’d finished.I was in love with sisters Emily and Jess, navigating the dot com bubble. Like a surprising number of novels, it leads up to 9/11 with sneaky devastation. Highly recommended, both for the story and for the language, which I found haunting and delightful.

Yesterday I read the debut novel of one Chevy Stevens, Still Missing. This was a mystery and ya’ll know how much I love mysteries. It has an unusual structure, though: the whole thing is told is sessions between Annie and her shrink. Annie, who was abducted and held captive. There’s a whole story-within-a-story conceit going on, as Annie talks to her shrink and tells us what happened that year. It’s fascinating and terrifying and completely engrossing.

And I feel lucky, to have days when I can be so absorbed.


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