Things are looking pretty decent for Worlds. Apparently Bridget Sloan is a bit of a mess, which is not surprising. If I were Marta, I’d have her do prelims and stick Davis in for TF.

For Worlds coverage, Brigid and Blythe are doing an amazing job.

What I actually want to talk about is my ideal podium.

So here we go…

AA gold–Rebecca Bross. She isn’t my favorite gymnast ever, it’s true, but I’m a little worried that if she doesn’t win Valeri might kill her. Also, she works SO hard, and she came SO class last year, and therefore, I think she needs to just take it. And if she hits, she will.

Beam gold–Lauren Mitchell, please. Her beam routine is just so innovative, so new. She should be rewarded. An Australian gold would be terrific for their growing program, too. We’ll see who else gets up there. If Bross hits she has a shot. I’d love to see Sui Lu and/or Deng Linlin medal on beam. Apparently they are looking solid.

Bars gold–Beth Tweddle. Again, hugely innovative routine, incredibly exciting, and a pure joy to watch. It’s also always nice to watch a more mature, adult gymnast compete.

Vault gold–must must MUST go to Alicia Sacramone, who is in desperate need of redemption for herself (not for the gymn world) since Bejiing and who has looked rock solid and in fact better than she did in 2008. Especially with PRK out of the mix she should medal and I really, really hope for her sake she does.  Other medalists: I want Oksana Chusovitina up there too, I don’t even care what her vaults are looking like. She’s 35 and competing at Worlds, she deserves a medal. Otherwise, I’m eager to see who else sneaks up there.

Floor medals–I want to see Mattie Larson take a medal here. Gold’d be great but I’d take silver or bronze, too. I think her style is just so elegant.


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