Well, Macko…

I will sit down and actually write a proper post about Worlds TFs soon, but I just watched the whole thing (yes, I skipped class to watch Worlds) and may I just say…wow, Macko. Mackenzie Caquotto has never been known for her consistency, and today she went out and hit the fuck out of her bars and vault. A LOT of people wrote Macko off, and then she appeared and did a fantastic job for her team…and in the meantime, wunderkind Mattie Larson, who I do love, choked and fell on floor.

Alicia Sacramone brought some more redemption with a stellar vault and a nice beam, including one of the best saves I’ve ever seen on her front pike.

Aly Raisman did a great job all round. SO did Becca Bross.

Obviously Mother Russia was AMAZING. Afan’s floor, lovely. Aliya was fucking briiliant. More later…but I needed to give a quick shout out to Macko’s steadiness!


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