And the Award Goes To…

Most Hit Routines of these World Championships: Aliya Mustafina, who hit 15/16 routines. This is fucking amazing.

Most Heartbreaking Fall: He Kexin, uneven bars event final. Poor kid was brought JUST for that…and yes, I know she cheated the last time she won, but that’s not on her, that’s on her coaches/Chinese gymnastics as a whole.

Most Heartbreaking Headcase: Tie, Mattie Larson and Ksenia Afanasyeva  ,both of whom fell on floor, Mattie in TF and Afan in EF. They are both beautiful gymnasts who are not terribly consistent.

Most Badass Bar Routine: Beth Tweddle, EFs. Made those bars her bitch.

Best Comeback Within the Competition: Becca Bross, who fell on beam and then hit the floor routine of her life.

Best Comeback Overall: Alicia Sacramone, who told everyone pre Bejiing that she was done, done, done with the sport and is now the World Champion on vault two years later.

Best Save: This one also goes to Sac, for that front pike save on beam. She just willed herself to stay on.

Best Don’t Fuck With Me Face: Aliya Mustfina, all the way.

Best Team Players: Macko Caquatto, who got lots of grief pre-Rotterdom for being inconsistent, not good enough, etc, and then hit when it mattered, and Aly Raisman, who gets endless shit for her form but was solid and steady in TFs and EFs.

Best Reaction: Lauren Mitchell, upon seeing her floor score, and coach Peggy Liddick’s squeals. And the hugging and jumping.

Most Absurd Marta Interview: That nonsense she spouted about Mattie. Keep it private there, dude.

Best Indication of Normalcy: Ana Porgras constantly eating chocolate.

Best Gossip: the gymnast who had someone smuggle her cookies that she isn’t allowed to eat.

Shitty Timing: Chelsea Davis blowing out a knee having worked her way into bars and floor lineups.

Worst Commentator: Al, obviously. It’s always Al.


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