Babysitting and Pimps

I haven’t done much babysitting lately, which is why it was so lovely to babysit tonight for brothers I’ve known mostly since they were born, and to see how grown up they are, the 12 year old paying the pizza guy, the 10 year old telling me about how the commercial for “Saw” was scary (“some people like  being scared but I don’t”). And the 7 year old was just the same, wanting to wrestle and sword fight and read. And it was just…nice, the rythem of it. I miss that, being with kids all the time. I need to look for some more babysitting gigs.

Although I did spend a lot of time saying “don’t hit your brother.” and had the following exchange:

10 year old: “my friend C told me this funny story about Family Guy but it has a word and I think it might be a bad word but I don’t know what it means…don’t get mad at me if I say it” (this is not verbatim, but more or less!)

me: “OK. the only way to find out what words mean is to say them.”

10 y.o.: “he said the statue of liberty’s pimp.

7 y.o.: “what’s a pimp?”

me: “ummmmmmmm”

10 y.o.: “never mind.”

me: “it’s like  a man…”

7 y.o.: “is it like a pimple?”

10 y.o.: “yea let’s say that!”

me: “let’s go see if the pizza is here!”


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