Conversations With The Surgeon

So, Dr Ryan, I hear there wasn’t much to work with when you got in there–

There wasn’t ANYTHING! As soon as I cut open your ankle I should have seen a ligament, but I just saw bone.

Really? What ligament was it?

It was the one that goes from the fibula to your tallis.

Where’s your tallis?

It’s…never mind, it’s a bone in your foot. So anyway, I showed it to the nurses and then I started thinking. There’s one procedure that I can take a tendon from the calf and put in the ankle…

Sounds good!

Well, you can’t just do that when…something or other about I hadn’t signed off on that.

So I started dissecting further into the ankle and found some ligament in below the tallis and fibula and anchored it–

What do you mean by anchored it?

Well, I drilled a hole in the fibula and stretched the pieces of ligament I’d found and attached to them to the anchor I put in the hole.

So there are holes in my bone?

Yes. And then I stitched it together, which is why you can’t move your ankle, because if those stitches break…

There are stitches INSIDE my ankle?


And you think this will work?

I think so.

So we shouldn’t try to do the other surgery now or anything?

Oh God no!

How will I know if it works?

I’ll know.

So…how can there be no ligament?

No one is born without that ligament. You must have torn it at some point and then it just got reabsorbed.

So…what next?

You’ll be in a cast for three weeks.


Yea, yea. Your ankle will be at a slight eversion–nevermind, Mike knows what I’m talking about.

Okay…and then what?

And then you’ll be in a boot, and then rehab.



So 30-40% weight bearing. Be careful. BE CAREFUL.

I’m always careful.


Can I drive?

Well, there’s a difference between can and may. You could, maybe, with your left foot…but I don’t know what the police would think if you got into a fender bender and stepped out with a cast.  I wouldn’t want to run into you on the roads.

You probably wouldn’t want to run into me on the road anyway.


I put the video of my ankle and what it could do on facebook.

You know, what your ankle could do was really one for the ages. I’ve been showing it to residents at Sibley.

Glad I could be of service.


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