Ankle Update

So, Vanessa, your chart says that we are changing your cast today.

What?! X-Ray Man Mike, that’s not what you all said last time! You said I got a boot.

Well, I’ll check with the doctor.

Hey Mike, take Vanessa’s cast off and give her another one.

Dr Ryan she doesn’t want another cast.

(loudly) I don’t give a damn what she wants!

Waiting Room: Cracks up.

OK Vanessa.

Yes Dr Ryan?

I want you to make me a solemn promise. You can have a boot if you wear it just like a cast and only take it off for bathing.


I mean it.

Yes, OK! How can you tell if it’s working?

We’ll be able to tell after four weeks when you start doing some exercises.



Damn. Can I go to PT?

No! I don’t want some physical therapist messing up my work!


Can I drive?

No, it’s illegal in that boot.


Yes, seriously.



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