Hey! Rope! I found the end of you!

Forgive me for whining.

My rope, I have reached the end of it.

It’s done a good job for me, no question about it. Been a nice, long rope. It lasted throughout the many months I thought there was a good chance my dad would be dying soon. It lasted through paper writing, lots of time spent on the Disney princesses, several ER visits with my dad, several appointments with oncologists.

What finally brought me to the end is my boot.

That first week, when I was just cast-less, only wrapped up in gauze, that was hard, since I couldn’t put any weight on it. The following three weeks, when I was in my (admittedly very well decorated) cast, sucked, and I got tired of walking on crutches. True, the rope was getting frayed.

Now, however, I am in a boot. For another 3 weeks. I can walk but it feels very strange. I can’t workout properly. I’m really quite ready to be able to do flips and handsprings. It’s all pretty outside and I can’t go for a bike ride or a hike or even a run and I hate running. And I can’t really lose weight without being able to workout, which is frustrating in and off itself.

And I have to write this paper, but my self-confidence in analytic work appears to have vanished, at least momentarily. Hopefully it’ll come back. Soon.

And I CANNOT DRIVE which means being very dependent on other folks. and oh my lord I hate that. HATE.THAT. I don’t especially lke driving but right now it seems like it’ll be the greatest thing ever.

In the meantime, I’m at the end of my rope. It’s not terrible down here though. Yesterday I watched season 2 of Nurse Jackie and now I’m watching Thelma and Louise. So at least I get some good media time in.


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