Things of Note

The New York Review of Books had a fascinating–and disturbing–piece on prison rape recently. I’m not sure if you can read the whole thing without subscribing, but just in case, it’s here. The authors are really on the ball. They’ve got stats, they’ve got stories, and most importantly they’ve got solutions. Those solutions are, of course, largely ignored. Nonetheless, the piece is absoloutly worth a read. Prison rape remains a huge component of rape culture, and prison rape jokes often ruin a perfect good cop show (note: of these things is more important than the other).

Speaking of prison, one man on death rows wants to be able to donate his organs. Here is is op-ed at the Gray Lady: I found myself nodding along. Then I went over to Feministe and read comments there, and now I find myself completely unsure. Yes, the death penalty is an absurd law and so yes, theoretically, I totally support the idea of death row inmates getting to donate their organs. However, it turns out to be so simple. Aside from a couple really awful trolls, the comments over there are thoughtful and make a remarkable number of well informed points.

The man who wrote the NYT op ed was the subject of a fascinating, and very very disturbing, Esquire portrait. It’s great reading, just not very comfortable reading.

Surely there’s a way to tie all of this together, but I’m too tired right now. Well, rape culture made all of this possible, so there you go.


Meanwhile my heart goes out to the people in Japan. You can get info on helping from the ICRC.


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