Band Names I Have Considered and Rejected

Stripper Bones

Rebel with a Cell Phone (this one comes from a HS friend who laughed at at the  black cell phone case with rebel spelled out in rhinestones I had a freshman)

Rhinestone Rebel

Frog and Toad

Don’t Forget To Take Your Head Out Of The Oven

Paging Dr Feelgood

The Virgin Suicides (I know it’s been taken, but come on, what a name!)

I’d Rather Be Reading (in my case, I would certainly rather be reading than attempt to play music of any kind. I have exactly zero musical ability. Of any kind. Except for listening, I’m okay with that).

Nurses Make The Best Doctors (whatnow?)

Your Shrink Hates You

Go Away Now (a lot of my band names appear to be fairly aggressive…)

I’ll Give You Something To Cry About (see?)

My Dog Is Cuter Than Your Dog (not aggressive, just true. Truth still has a place in the music industry).


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